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Audio Culture
This course aims to investigate the major discussions, theoretical concerns, practices and technological innovations that led the way to the emergence of a new audio culture in the second half of the twentieth century. Rather than offering a history of contemporary music, the course will provide knowledge about the shifting terrains of music and sound by analyzing artworks from various decades and approaches, and question the dynamics behind the auditory turn in contemporary art and culture. The course will also examine the interaction between music, society, and the other art branches throughout the history.

Surveys of World Music
The aim of this course is to provide students with an overview of the great diversity of the world’s musics focusing on: styles-genres, musical systems and instruments. We will examine some of the discussions that underline the ideas of “world music” and globalization. Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia will be the geographical areas of the music to be discussed.

Musical Networks and Connectivity
This course aims to create new ways of collaboration for electronic/musical/media arts. The main focus and goal of this course will be to realize two main organizations that are held world-wide named SHARE and DORKBOT. These organizations are dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange and discussing and creating new communities. Students who take the class will be participators in the collaboration in addition to creating the new ground that is İstanbul.

Popular Music and Beyond
This course examines special topics in popular music from various aesthetic and performance perspectives. The study of popular music debates within popular culture and the growth of music in it . The course provides not only the theory and analysis to popular music, it is also an historical guide to creation in popular culture. The knowledge of genres, their evolution and inspiration will be examined using readings and documentaries ofpopular history.

Audio Craft
This course aims to analyze the post-production process of a film. It concentrates on main asthetics of sound post production, critical and analytical listening, mixing, and technics of listening to sounds.

Visiting Artist Seminar
This seminar course aims to match students with art and music professionals who will share their professional and career experiences with the students. Open to all university students. Guest artists and performers will be part of the course.

Introduction to Film Sound

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