* Trio with Daniel Davidovsky and Ayalet Lerman Wire Tapping”; Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem
* Duo with Daniel Davidovsky; 
Hanut, Tel-Aviv
* “Visual Piano Project” with Laurenz Theinert and Ulrike Stortz; Wilhelmspalais, Stuttgart / 
* “Visual Piano Project” with Laurenz Theinert; Geist und Geld e.V. and GalerieZ, Stuttgart
* Solo; “Share”, 
Issue Project Room, New York
* Collaborative Jam; 
NYC Resistor, New York
* Duo with Keiko Eunishi; Dunia, Istanbul
* Trio with Illi Adato and Yannis Saxonis; Peyote, Istanbul
* Duo with Saadet Türkoz; Gitarcafe and Alt, Istanbul
* Member of “Istanbul Share Collective”; Free Improvisation Festival and Kolektifhane, Istanbul
* Trio with Audrey Chen and Efe Demiral; Arkaoda, Istanbul
* Duo with Sumru Ağıryürüyen “Herkes Çok Meşgul Project”; Dunia and Gitar Cafe, Istanbul
* Member and organizer of “Share Istanbul”; Arka Oda, Istanbul 2013
* DJ Performances; Raffels Hotel, Istanbul