* “From Musicking to Transmusicking” by Andrea Bravo, Nela Brown and Tuna Pase, Hangar, Barcelona
* Istanbul Soundscape Project, Arkaoda, Istanbul

* “Uyarca”, Theater Sound design, Dasdas Istanbul
* Artist 2017, Utopia, Sound Design, Tuyap Fair Convention, Istanbul
* Transmusiking I, FLO & Women in Music Tech, Audio Mostly, Queens Mary University, London
* Collaborated project performances, Camp Festival, Waschhaus, Potsdam
* Solo, Sonar Istanbul, Turkish Experimental Music Showcase, Zorlu PSM, Istanbul
* ”Joseph K.”, Theater Sound design, Dasdas, Istanbul


* Sobremesa trio with Erçin Kaya, Christian Thome, 18 December 2016, BöcekLive, Istanbul
Female:pressure / Female Frequency Showcase duo with Katja Kettler, 8 November 2016, Loophole, Berlin
* Mamen Aguera & Tuna Pase; La Puerta Estracha, Madrid
* Pulse Edision 23; 
Centro Cultural la Tortuga, Madrid
* Trio with Eduard Albata and Lieutenant Caramel; 
Gracia Territori Sonor, Barcelona
* Duo with Nochebuena; 
L’Antic Forn de Vallcarca, Barcelona / Watch
* Duo with Selen Gülün; Dunia, Istanbul
* Duo with Allesandro Olla, Dunia, Istanbul
* Solo, “Electro-acoustic Pop Project”; Kanyon Cuma Sahnesi, Istanbul
* Quintet with Burçin Elmas, Saadet Türköz, Duygu Demir and Özlem Kaya; Dunia, Istanbul

* DJ Performance “The Sound of Turkey”; Hilton, Mauritius
* Trio with Saadet Türköz and Yannis Saxonis; Dunia, Istanbul
* Duo with Barkın Engin, “
Scattered Sounds by Redbull”; Salt, Istanbul

* “Visual Piano Project” with Laurenz Theinert; Ravensburg Kunst Museum, Ravensburg / Watch
* Quartet with Ofer Bymel, Nadav Massel and Daniel Davidovsky; 
Hanut, Tel-Aviv
Sound Wall Sound Art Project”; Kargart, Istanbul
 Duo with Alessandra Eramo; Dunia, Istanbul
* Duo with Cihan Mürtezaoğlu; Dunia, Istanbul
* Solo; Arkaoda, Istanbul
* Duo with Yannis Saxonis; Dunia, Istanbul
* DJ Performance “The Sound of Turkey”; Bomako, Mali

* Trio with Daniel Davidovsky and Ayalet Lerman 
Wire Tapping”; Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem
* Duo with Daniel Davidovsky; 
Hanut, Tel-Aviv
* “Visual Piano Project” with Laurenz Theinert and Ulrike Stortz; Wilhelmspalais, Stuttgart / 
* “Visual Piano Project” with Laurenz Theinert; Geist und Geld e.V. and GalerieZ, Stuttgart
* Solo; “Share”, 
Issue Project Room, New York
* Collaborative Jam; 
NYC Resistor, New York
* Duo with Keiko Eunishi; Dunia, Istanbul
* Trio with Illi Adato and Yannis Saxonis; Peyote, Istanbul
* Duo with Saadet Türkoz; Gitarcafe and Alt, Istanbul
* Member of “Istanbul Share Collective”; Free Improvisation Festival and Kolektifhane, Istanbul
* Trio with Audrey Chen and Efe Demiral; Arkaoda, Istanbul
* Duo with Sumru Ağıryürüyen “Herkes Çok Meşgul Project”; Dunia and Gitar Cafe, Istanbul
* Member and organizer of “Share Istanbul”; Arka Oda, Istanbul 2013
* DJ Performances; Raffels Hotel, Istanbul

* Solo; 
Uganda, Jerusalem 2012
* “Visual Piano Project” with Laurenz Theinert and Ilan Green; 
Jerusalem Light Festival, Jerusalem / Watch
* Quartet with Daniel Davidovsky, Adaya Godlevsky and Amos Elkana; Zimmer, Tel-Aviv
* Solo; 
Musrara Mix Festival, Jerusalem
* Solo; “Orientations”, 
Tamtam art Gallery, Berlin
* Trio with Utku Tavil and Roy Caroll; 
Gelegenheiten, Berlin
* Trio with Utku Tavil, Erkin Gören and Kamama; 
Loophole, Berlin
* Trio with Roy Caroll and Ofir Bachmutsky; 
O Tennenbaum, Berlin
* Solo; “Istanbul Festival”, 
Reitberg Museum, Zurich
* Audiovisual duo with Eda Gecikmez “Duygusal Şiddet Manifestosu Project”; Dunia, Istanbul
* Member and organizer of “Share”; Kooperatif Art Center, Istanbul
* Trio with Jun Kawasaki and Şevket Akıncı; Gitar Cafe, Istanbul / Watch
* “Sputnik Sweetheart Project” with Şevket Akıncı; Dunia, Peyote, Deform, Timpani, Borusan Music House, Ikamet Kadikoy Festival, Istanbul

* Quartet with Daniel Davidovsky, Albert Berger and Ayalet Rose Gotileb; 
Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem
* Solo; Kemancı, Istanbul
* Solo & Cotton AV; VJ Fest, Istanbul
* Trio with Korhan Erel and Şevket Akıncı; “Meeting II”, Gram, Istanbul
* Duo with Korhan Erel; “Meeting”, Gram, Istanbul
* Audiovisual duo with Eda Gecikmez; GalataPerform, Istanbul
* Trio with Nora Krahl and Duygu Demir, “There is No Happy Love & No Tonal Music” Kooperatif, Istanbul
*“Kooperatif Birthday”, with Mondual, Meczup, Duygu Demir; Kooperatif, Istanbul
* Solo; Arkaoda, Istanbul
* Trio with Mondual and Sedat Türkantoz; Kooperatif, Istanbul
* DJ Performances; Karga, Dunia, Istanbul

* Improvised sets with Juanjose Rivas, Drew Daniel, Dan Deacon, Ami Dang, Hans Koch, Karen Borca, Owen Gardner, Marc Miller, Liz Meredith, Michael Muniak, Shelly Blake-Plock and Tiffany Defoe, “
High Zero Festival”;The Theater Project, Baltimore
* Solo; “Share NY”, 
Issue Project Room, New York
* Solo, “This is Pop! Experimental Music Showcase”; 
Bar Matchless, New York
* “Kara” Performance with Eda Gecikmez, Feldstarke Project; 
Centre Quatre,Paris
* “Sense Map Interactive Exhibit” with Eda Gecikmez; 
Feldstarke Project, Essen
* Audiovisual duo with Serdar Kökçeoğlu; Gram, Istanbul
* Solo; “Phonem Electrosonic City by Miam”; 
Salon, Istanbul
* “Inside Me”, Sound design for Dilek Altan’s photo exhibit; 
AlanIstanbul, Istanbul
* “Theremax Project”; Kooperatif, Istanbul
* Audiovisual duo with Eda Gecikmez “Eften Püften Sesler Saati”, Dunia, Istanbul
* DJ Performances; Karga, Istanbul

* Solo; Young Turkish Electronic Music Composers Concert, Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt
* Solo; “Babylon Audio Visual Days I & II”, Babylon Lounge, Istanbul
* Solo; “SpektroFest”, Dogzstar, Istanbul
* Solo;“Clatter II”, Bilgi University Composers Project, 
Energy Museum, Santral Istanbul 2009

2008- 1994
* Sound Designer; 
Ensemble Modern Academy Concerts, Innsbruck, Bolzano
* “Sesin Yolculugu III, IV”, Young Composers Festival; Miam, Istanbul 2009, 2008
* “Yeno Ceno”, “Clatter I”, Bilgi University Composers Project; 
GalataPerform, Istanbul 2008
* Solo, “Kargart Performance Days”; Istanbul 2008
* “Miam Electro Acoustic Collective Volume III, IV, V, VI, VII”; Miam, Istanbul 2006, 2007, 2008
* “From Istanbul: Electro-acoustic Music from the World IV”; Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi, Ankara 2007
* “Kapsül Live Electronics Collaboration”; GalataPerform, Istanbul 2007
* “Istanbul New Music Series”; French Cultural Center, Istanbul 2005, 2006, 2007
* Member of “Miam Improvisation Ensemble”; Miam, Istanbul 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008
* Member of “Birleşik Sanatlar Doğaçlama Grubu”, Istanbul 1997
* Member of “Can Kozlu West African Percussion Ensemble”, Istanbul 1994